What to consider when using a license dongle?

What to consider when using a license dongle?

Yes, licenses can be transferred to dongles. However, you need to contact us to have the transfer carried out. Note that the transfer comes at a fee for the dongle hardware.
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    • I lost my license dongle. What to do?

      Unfortunately, ~sedna gmbh and its distributors and resellers cannot assume any responsibility for lost license dongles. If you lose a license dongle with a license on it, then the license is lost as well. Therefore, keep your license dongles in a ...
    • Can I transfer a license to another computer?

      Transferring licenses between computers is a breeze on Presenter Cloud. You can transfer licenses between Macs as many times as you like. Provided the corresponding software instance is registered with Presenter Cloud, there is also no need to do ...
    • How can I upgrade older licenses (before version 4.5) to v2021?

      Please contact our sales team here they will make you a good deal. If your license have a valid software maintenance you're able to update your licenses directly at any time to the current version.
    • Dongle Troubleshooting: The dongle seems to be broken. What to do?

      If you're having difficulty using a license dongle, for instance when your Mac is not detecting the dongle, please refer to the Troubleshooting page first. Look up the My Presenter application is not running with my license dongle entry and do the ...
    • What happens when Creator or Player lose their Internet connection?

      To make the license model work, and to provide you with reasonably priced licenses, an Internet connection is mandatory for every device running a ~sedna application with a cloud license. Since a license is only valid on a single computer, an ...