Which macOS versions are compatible with my ~sedna software?

Which macOS versions are compatible with my ~sedna software?

Creator and Player for Mac

macOS10.10 Yosemite10.11 El Capitan10.12 Sierra

10.13 High Sierra

10.14 Mojave


Big Sur
compatible versions





Important Notes:

- Creator v2020.x or later can only publish to Player 5.0.7 or later

- Player v2020.x or later requires a publish from Creator v2020.x or later

Please contact our sales team if you have further question or if you want to upgrade your software to the latest version.

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    • Can I use macOS Big Sur (11.x) with ~sedna?

      Yes,  v.2021 is supporting macOS Big Sur (11.x).  But please notice that v2021 is a paid upgrade. Licenses with a valid software maintenance plan are able to update directly to v2021. For more information about an upgrade please contact us here.
    • Where can I find a documentation of ~sedna software?

      You will find our online manual in your Presenter Cloud account under Profile > Resources or in the menu entry "Help" within Creator and Player.
    • I have installed the software. How do I register the installation with sedna.cloud?

      The licenses you've ordered are provided by ~sedna in the Licenses section of sedna.cloud , or as license dongles that you can connect to the USB interfaces of the corresponding Macs. If you use license dongles, you can run Player or Creator without ...
    • Can I work offline with ~sedna applications?

      Working offline with ~sedna applications viable with license dongles. In addition, registered ~sedna applications will run for some time without Internet connection, but you need the Internet connection to activate the applications and to renewal the ...
    • Can I test the software beforehand?

      Yes, you can request a time-limited demo license here to get a taste of what our software can do. After requesting a demo, a Presenter Cloud account will be set up for your Organization. To get a fully productive Presenter Cloud account and to take ...